Where inventiveness has become the tradition

Van Leeuwen Verankeringen en Funderingssystemen has been specialised in innovative anchoring of all architectural and constructional structures imaginable for around 50 years.

We are happy to contribute our many years of knowledge and experience to various building projects. Realistic entrepreneurship and a pragmatic approach have made our company a solutions-oriented partner, one that distinguishes itself through its inventiveness and flexibility. We help our clients find solutions, while also striving for the optimum working method.

We offer an extensive range of anchoring technologies, including our Leeuwanchors, Leeuwanchor piles, strand anchors, GEWI anchors, VF piles, and LEKA piles. By preferably installing anchors and piles by means of a soil-displacing and vibration-free method, i.e. by screwing them into the soil, we restrict any outflow into the construction pit and thus minimise any nuisance for the direct surroundings. Our in-house engineering capacity enables us to optimally prepare the approach to a building project.

Realistic pioneers

Van Leeuwen is solutions-focussed and innovative. We look beyond the standard way of working and always try to find possible optimisations. We largely owe our current market position to our employees' inventiveness and flexibility. 

Involvement, responsibility, love of our trade, and resilience are key values in our company. We combine a love of pioneering with realistic entrepreneurship and a pragmatic approach.


Van Leeuwen often uses equipment that we have developed ourselves. An important advantage is that the equipment is interchangeable and that the best combination to match the situation at hand can always be selected.