Welcome to Van Leeuwen

Van Leeuwen has a strong, independent position as an anchoring and foundations specialist. We have been focussing on the innovative anchoring of all architectural and constructional structures imaginable for more than half a century.

Realistic pioneers

We combine a love of pioneering with realistic entrepreneurship and a pragmatic approach. These basic values have shaped our company into a solutions-focussed partner. We develop innovative solutions, for which we develop and build our own equipment if necessary. We largely owe our current market position to our employees' inventiveness and flexibility.

Our services, anchoring and foundations


Technical advice and acquiring and developing knowledge are at the heart of new technologies at Van Leeuwen. We combine a self-evident specialisation in geotechnology with a broad knowledge of steel and concrete structures and specialist know-how of anchoring and foundations. We have a seat on CUR Bouw and Infra, the knowledge network for building and civil engineering.