Inventiveness and flexibility are the key values to which Van Leeuwen largely owes its strong market position. We devise creative and pragmatic solutions to difficult problems. If necessary, we develop and build the equipment in house, according to the statutory CE standard. 

Our Leeuwanchors and Leeuwanchor piles have become very well known in the construction world. This vibration-free screw injection method for anchoring and foundations was developed and patented by Van Leeuwen. 

Leeuwanchors and Leeuwanchor piles are commonly used in new build structures and in complex environments, such as hospitals and historic buildings. Leeuwanchor piles can also be installed under water to construct concrete floors under water. 

We also supply other anchoring and foundation systems, ranging from GEWI and grout anchors to GEWI and LEKA piles and VF piles.


Gebr. van Leeuwen has developed its own anchoring construction method, the well-known Leeuwanchor. The Leeuwanchor is the number one alternative to grout anchors and has a higher capacity per anchor and is installed using a vibration-free method.

This first screw injection anchor in the Netherlands reinforces the classical screw anchoring system by injecting grout. The applications of Leeuwanchors vary greatly, from anchoring concrete structures and steel sheet piling, to windshields and revetment walls.

GEWI anchors

GEWI anchors are constructed by drilling a tube into the soil. A steel rod is installed via the tube, after which grout is injected. The tube is then removed.

Strand anchors

Van Leeuwen has a (removable) strand anchor that is often used in both temporary and permanent structures. A temporary casing is drilled into the soil. The strands (possibly fitted with a special block at their end in order to be able to remove the strands) are then introduced into the casing. Grout is injected while removing the casing. If desired, the steel strand can be removed.